hat if Pooh's "100-Acre Wood" was in Anaheim? Or Ariel and Sebastian found their new undersea home here? What if Anaheim could be home to not two, but three Disney parks?

Recent improvements to the Anaheim Resort and Disneyland Resort Area anticipated future growth, making it possible for a well designed third Disney park to be added within the planned framework for the Resort Area. With this in mind, and with Disney's California Adventure opening in early 2001, Disney is working with the City of Anaheim to begin the planning and design process.

"Creating the magic of a new Disney park requires us to take a long-term view," said Cynthia Harriss, president of The Disneyland Resort. "A creative design, a careful planning process, an effective transportation and parking plan, and a quality family environment all must come together in cooperation with our neighbors. We are starting that process now, working with Anaheim residents, businesses and civic leaders to identify opportunities that will ensure that the Anaheim Resort Area remains a world-class destination for the decades ahead."

As the planning and environmental review process begins, so does the opportunity for public input and discussion. Creating a Disney park takes many years, and the future of the resort will be shaped by the planning that begins today.
ith Disney's California Adventure about to become a reality, Walt Disney Imagineering, the creative development and design unit of The Walt Disney Company, is planning for the future - to be realized south of Katella and east of Harbor.

"The sky's the limit when it comes to imagination - but it's not the only limit," said Doug Moreland, senior vice president of Walt Disney Imagineering. "Our Imagineers have to maintain Disney's superior standards. They must use the Anaheim and Disneyland Resort Specific Plans as their guide, and create a project that can be realized within the framework of both Resort Areas. And, of course, their design must capture the imagination of all ... young and old."

The proposed project would complement Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure, possibly including a theme park or a water park, along with integrated retail, dining and entertainment experiences. The new park would evolve, with a first phase anticipated in 2003, and completion targeted for 2010.
isney’s proposed third park would combine two adjacent properties south of Katella to create a 78-acre development area. By using the densities approved as part of the Anaheim Resort Specific Plan and Disneyland Resort Specific Plan (including conversion of approved hotel room density to theme park density), the proposed project would allow for a third Disney park area. The result will be an expanded resort experience within the city- approved guidelines for future growth.

These planning principles will guide Disney Imagineers and city planners:
  • The project’s density must not exceed already approved levels;
  • The project must be consistent with the city’s Garden District landscape and visual requirements;
  • The projected traffic generated by the project must be consistent with the approved Specific Plans;
  • The project must be complementary to current and planned attractions and offerings in the Resort Area; and
  • The project must exemplify the high quality the world has come to expect from Disney.
or more than 45 years, Disneyland and the surrounding Resort Area have been a dynamic economic engine contributing significantly to the exceptional city services Anaheim residents enjoy. With the revitalization of the Anaheim Resort, its contribution to the betterment of Anaheim will continue to grow, as seen by these recent improvements made possible by Resort-generated funds:

  • Removal of the unsightly clutter of overhead signs in the Resort Area;
  • Creation of beautiful landscaping throughout the Resort’s "Garden District;"
  • Construction of a new city fire station and neighborhood improvements serving Anaheim’s residents; and
  • Commitment by the city to track and dedicate tourism-generated revenue and use these funds for citywide improvements.

The proposed new Disney park would benefit the community and create more revenue by encouraging visitors to stay longer. Each time tourists decide to stay another day or two, they generate more revenue for the city from hotel room taxes (TOT) and sales taxes.

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